As Freelancers in Africa, both new and existing, it is expedient to understand that what makes a Freelancer is really not the name ‘freelancer’, but in the creative output and services rendered that makes the name. Therefore, getting jobs that fit the services your brand provides is one of the many ways a Freelancer in Africa should invest in his/her freelance career.

Although getting jobs sometimes does pose a challenge to African Freelancers, there are reliable ways to overcome this challenge(s). One of the most efficient ways to get jobs as an African Freelancer is by exploring websites built and created with the sole aim of providing Freelancers with job opportunities.

It is in this regard that I have deemed it fit to make a list of some of the best websites for freelance jobs in Africa beyond the familiar and global ones like Toptal, Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour.

These are some of the best websites for freelance jobs in Africa;

AsuquAsuqu is a freelance website where part-time, full-time and even one-time Freelancers in Nigeria are hired. Freelancers in Africa who offer services in design, video and animation, photography, software and tech, writing and communication, sales and marketing, interior design, etc. can utilize this platform to increase their chances at work opportunities.

KuhustleThis is a Kenya-based website for freelance jobs where African Freelancers and Creatives of all kinds can sign up and get jobs ranging from content and proposal writings, editing, app, software and website development, etc. by simply clicking Start Working to sign up.

Gigs Nigeria/234work  – This is another popular job and freelancing platform in Nigeria. Here, Freelancers in Africa sell their talents and skills and turns in into a source of income. This platform caters to virtually all kinds of freelancing beyond the creatives. Don’t sleep on it!

Onesha –  This website provides job opportunities for freelancers in all creative fields including makeup, graphic design, web development and lots more with location specifics. Freelancers in Africa can sign up on this platform by requesting an account.

MidumanThis is a Nigerian-based online marketplace for Creatives and African freelancers that offer website designs, graphics design, copywriting and SEO services. Freelancers can get midujobs by simply joining/signing up.

FindworkaThis is a freelancing website and an online marketplace for designers, developers and freelance providers of digital services looking to be hired and take on new projects. African Freelancers in this category can sign up on the platform by tapping on Join PRO Network.

FreecitiFreeciti is another online marketplace for skilled Nigerian freelancers and creatives to get hired and sell their services for N10,000 or less. It’s definitely an opportunity to explore as a new freelancer and one that shouldn’t be ignored even as an experienced freelancer.

Overall, dear African Freelancer, put yourself out there as much as you can and want to. There is no limit to how many platforms you can maximize at a time. While that is true, don’t pressure yourself into doing so much at a time that you can no longer begin to keep up where necessary.

It is not always about how many you can do or have done but how many you can do well and have done well. Also, I know going global/international is important but maximizing local online marketplaces for freelancers is not overrated.

I hope you experience the best of these platforms as you begin to explore them.

As an African Freelancer, care to share with us some of the best websites for freelance jobs in Africa that you have tried? We are certain it would be of help to other African Freelancers too.
Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi (Ìbùkúnwrites) is an African Freelancer, a Content Creator, Columnist, Storyteller, Blogger, Poet and a Writer of Film, Fiction and Nonfiction. She's an Avid Reader, a Reviewer, Podcaster, an ardent lover of Art, African Literature, Teaching, Music, Film, Media and Documentary. Ìbùkúnwrites is quite a Foodie, highly passionate about women and children related causes, a sucker for simplicity in writing, and a Shondaland addict.


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